Handyman Phone-Screening Questions

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Go over the following items on the screening call. See the italics for the answer we are looking for.

  1. How does your service work?
  2. We operate Airbnb units, there is some regular maintenance but there are also requests/issues as they come up. Can you handle same day repairs?
    1. We want a handyman who is interested in regular maintenance and same day repairs.
  3. Some repair jobs are minor and may only take an hour. Is that ok?
    1. We want a handyman who is ok with small jobs. A 2 hour minimum charge is ok for small jobs.
  4. Are you ok accessing the units yourself if we give you the codes? We won't always have someone to meet you there.
    1. They must be ok accessing units themselves.
  5. Are you ok with the ${hourly rate} that was posted on the job.
  6. Are you insured? Up to what dollar amount?
    1. We require a $1 MM general liability insurance policy
  7. If they aren't insured. Are you willing to get insurance?
    1. They need to be willing to get insurance.
  8. The job is conditional on a background check. Is that ok?
    1. If they are not willing to do a background check, we can't move forward with them.
    2. If they ask what we are looking for on a background check, say that you can email them our policy. Do not give them over the phone.

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