Met - Notes: Parking, Waste, Amenities, Gate Codes, Quiet Hours, Etc.

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Amenities and rules and access:


all physical key access

bring to dumpsters always

nothing on patios or around the doors

no fines for recycling

couple strikes and then $50

hanger is needed for every car

residents know they need uncovered permit parking hanger hanging from the rear-view mirror

First friday, every friday they have a fair, unfortunates pull into the complex and take the spaces

Submit your license plate number

guest passes - Residents get them, in our case it would be about the permits being hung.

to be determined whether we can get extras

Automatic submission of car photos: standard email address for the building

Other residents will take pictures of suspicious vehicles


Ask Abel about this.

emergency: Ask Abel

Painting: include in Abel email

Lockboxes on door frames?


Storage units:

every apartment has one off the patio

Building Quiet Hours:

8pm to 8am


Mail box numbers are the same as the unit numbers.

Gate codes:

#248 - #0248

#213 - #0213

#342 - #0342


Guest come to the front desk confused and looking for help


Owners are cool with furniture but no storage, no trash, no unattractive mess, no grill

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