Upload listing photos to Team Drive

Updated 2 years ago by Nishant Kumar

Once you receive the photos from professional photographer, we need to upload them to Team Drive. In this section we will see how to upload listing photos to Team Drive.

Step 1: Go to "Google Drive" and click on "Team Drive".

Step 2: Go to the folder with the location of the property

E.g. Click on "Arizona".

Step 3: Click on "Properties".

Step 4: Click on the building folder.

E.g. Click on "Hyve".

Step 5: Click on "Photos".

Step 6: Click on "Listing photos".

Step 7: Create a new folder for unit number in listing photos.

  • Right click on the page and click on "New Folder".
  • Enter folder name.
  1. Folder name should be unit number. E.g. #322
  2. Click on "Create" to create new folder

Step 8: Click on unit number folder.

Step 9: Upload file to unit number folder.

  • Right click on the page and click on "Upload files".

  • Add the photographs from computer.

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