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Follow this guide when completing the initial screening of virtual hosts from You can have a virtual host do the initial screening to help narrow down the candidates. You should then screen the candidates they chose to move forward using the same process.

Step 1: Login to and click messages

Step 2: Open any unread message

Unread messages will be in bold.

Step 3: Check to see if the candidate answered the 3 screening questions

If the did not answer them, we will not be hiring this candidate, so move on to the next message.

The candidate on the recording must have the following to pass this screening question:

  1. Strong English skills with correct pronunciation of words
  2. English skills should be 9/10 quality- 10/10 would be a native speaker
  3. The candidate should speak clearly without a strong accent
  4. If the candidate passes this section, move on to the next screening question. If they fail this, move on to the next candidate.

Give a score for this question on a scale of 90 to 100, 90 being good and 100 being "native english speaker"

Step 5: Review 2nd screening question

This is the candidate's internet speed. To pass this question:

  1. The candidate should have answered in the following formant: Download speed = ___ mbps, Upload speed = mbps
  2. The download speed should be greater than 5 mbps and the upload speed should be greater than 1 mbps

Step 6: Review the 3rd screening question

The screening question is "Pretend that a customer named Mike sends you an SMS that says, "Do you have a pizza place you recommend in Jersey City, NJ (United States)"? Search online for an answer and type your response to the customer below, which would be sent by SMS."

To pass this questions the candidate should respond:

  1. With correct English spelling and grammar
  2. In a reasonable length for an SMS message

Give a score for this question based on info provided and accuracy

If they list just one pizza place compare it to its ranking on google maps and yelp, average the two values together and subtract from 10.

If they also provide a summary of the selection add 1 point.

If they also provide an address add 0.5 points.

If they also provide opening hours add 1 point.

Use your judgement here. The candidate is not educated in our SMS format, so we can be a little lenient here. If they send an answer the length of an email we should skip this candidate.

Step 7: Read the candidates profile and message they included with their application

Check the following items:

  1. Correct English spelling and grammar is used on their profile on in the message.

Step 8: If the candidate has passed all these steps, click bookmark

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