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We use Properly to:

  1. Send out requests for jobs. All jobs must be accepted through Properly. Text message or email confirmations are not accepted.
  2. Give you access to the unit- once you accept a job, you can find the access instructions in Properly.
  3. Check lists- a detailed check list and photos of each unit is provided. You must follow this exactly and complete every step of the process.
  4. Verification photos- easily take a submit photos of items on the check list
  5. Report problems- you can immediately report and problems or damages along with photos inside the app.
Jobs in Properly are scheduled on a first come first serve basis and are sent out to multiple people at a time. The first person to accept the request will receive the job.

Follow the articles below to learn how to use install and use Properly.

  1. Creating your Properly account
  2. Setting your language in Properly
  3. Turn on Notifications for Jobs
  4. Accept a job request
  5. Task Pins in Properly
  6. Start a job in Properly
  7. Using check lists to perform a job and take photos
  8. Report a problem or damages in Properly
  9. View feedback on your job
  10. Review your performance in Properly

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