Create an Asana project for new onboarding units

Updated 2 years ago by Nishant Kumar

When we onboard new units, we need to create a new onboarding project in asana for those units.

Step 1: Click on "+" button and then click on "Add Project".

Step 2: Click on "V3- Onboarding template for new leased units".

Step 3: Add project details

  1. Project name - Should be shortened version of address of the building. E.g. "18220 N. 68th St- onboarding"
  2. Create - Click on "Create project"

Step 4: Click on "Conversations".

Step 5: Click inside text box to start a new conversation.

Step 6: Enter information about property in new conversation.

  1. Title - Should be "Onboarding info"
  2. Address - Full address of the place, including city, state and zip
  3. Units and lease start dates - List out all the units in this project along with the lease start date. Date should be first followed by unit number. E.g. "4/7- #34"
  4. Building website - Enter the link to building website. If there is no website link, enter link to the listing from Guesty.

Enter information for below fields from Guesty.

  1. The neighbourhood:
  2. Getting around:
  3. One thing to note

  1. Post - Click on post

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