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Follow this agenda for the first day of handyman training.


Review all onboarding paperwork to make sure it's complete.

Properly App Introduction

  1. Explain that we use Properly to send out jobs, track time, and ensure jobs are done correctly. We use Properly to calculate payment, so the check list must be completed correctly for us to send payment.
  2. Explain check lists and verification photos
  3. Get the handyman's email and phone numbers and invite the them on Properly
  4. Go through the learning how to use Properly article step by step, including setting up an account

Types of jobs

  1. Same day repairs
    1. Usually come from guest complaints or cleaners reporting a problem to us
    2. The guest may be home during these repairs or they may have left for the day. We have told them that you are coming, but please knock before entering.
  2. Apartment refreshes
    1. Every 6-8 weeks, we like to touch up the units to make sure they feel new for our next guests
    2. These will be scheduled on empty days or during the 4 hour window between guests

Properly Live Demo

  1. Walk them through a full demo on your phone- from accepting the job to finishing cleaning and getting feedback.
    1. Send yourself 2 jobs from the "Maintenance training demo" check list from the "Sample Property". One check should be for a fixed time and the other for a flexible time.
    2. You should be walking around the unit showing them each step
    3. Let the handyman know that the normal check list may have different items.
  2. Show them how to:
    1. Fixed time vs flexible time jobs
    2. View their schedule
    3. Find access instructions and other important details
    4. Start and pause the job
    5. Report a problem
    6. Go through all check list and verification photos
    7. View feedback after the job
  3. Ask if they have any questions or if anything needs to be repeated

Properly Scenario 1

  1. Send each handyman the "Maintenance training demo" check list from the "Sample Property" and have them accept the job. Ask them to show you:
    1. Time and day the job is
    2. Property the cleaning is at
    3. Access instructions to the property
  2. Have the cleaner start the check list outside the apartment and follow the sample check list to to the end of the list
    1. If there are multiple handyman, have the others watch as you work with one at a time giving feedback along the way
    2. During the sample job tell them that something is broken and ask what they would do. Make sure to vary the problem to be either something they should fix or report.

Properly Scenario 2

  1. Send each handyman the "Repair training demo" check list from the "Sample Property" and have them accept the job.
  2. Ask the handyman to start the check list and go through everything, while teaching you how to use Properly
    1. It's important to let them teach you how use the app. This shows that they fully understand how to use it.
    2. Avoid giving specific feedback until the end unless absolutely necessary. Instead, if they forget someting you can say "What should you do before x?"
    3. Each handyman should teach you how to use the app. If you are training multiple people, the other can look on, but only one person should be walking you through the app.
Go through this scenario as many times as you need to until the handyman is able to teach you perfectly how to use the app.


  1. If something changes and you are no longer able to do a job, you must cancel the job on Properly. If the job is within 72 hours, you must notify us by SMS. If the job is within 24 hours, you must send us an SMS and call us.
  2. If there is a fixed time, the job should be started at that time. If the time is flexible, you must complete the job by the end time, but your start time is flexible.
  3. If you purchase any items you need to be reimbursed for, follow this article to send a photo of the receipt through Properly. You'll be reimbursed for the items on your next payment.
  4. Everything should be fixed to feel brand new like a hotel. Our guests are expecting to feel like they are walking into a new apartment.

Feedback and Questions

  1. Send the handyman sample feedback through Properly on the check list they just completed and ask them to show it to you
  2. Ask if they have any questions

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