249 2nd St Parking Options

Updated 2 years ago by Thomas Berg

We don't recommend using street parking.

Do NOT park on 2nd st.

  • It is illegal to park for over 2 hours almost everywhere in Jersey City, so you might get a ticket if you park in the street. 
  • You may use parking meters for a short while, but the time allowed to park at a meter is limited as well. 
  • Please pay attention to street signs as we are not responsible for tickets.

Here are some options we recommend for parking:

  • Little Man Parking at 160 1st St - $23/night - open 6am to 12am
  • The Morgan Propark America at 160 Morgan St. - $26/night - open 24 hours
  • Columbus Garage at 66 Christopher Columbus Dr. - $23/night - open 24 hours
  • Cheapest, but also furthest away: (open-air parking lot) - $9 a night - inquire for hours
    • Zeppelin Hall parking lot ($9/night) - To park here you must purchase a parking permit at 9 Regent St and display the permit in your windshield. You may then park in the lot across the street from 50 Regent St (on the other side of the light rail train). This parking permit must be clearly displayed in the windshield, otherwise, there is a $110 fine. The cost of a parking permit is $9 a night. We are not responsible for tickets or fines, so please pay attention to the signs.

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