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Follow these steps to request a support letter for if a guest creates a chargeback on their credit card.

Step 1: Find the guest's reservation on and locate the reference number

You can find the reservation by following this guide.

Step 2: Compose an email to {reservationnumber}

In this case the reservation number was 1008439352 so the email would be

Step 3: Add "Support letter request" as the subject line of email

Step 4: Copy and past the following into the body of the email and attach a PDF copy of the Stripe dispute


Can you please send a support letter for this booking?

The guest has filed a chargeback and we need a support letter for the dispute. Please find a copy of the dispute attached. {include any relevant details here}.

Make sure to attach a PDF copy of the Stripe dispute. Follow this article to locate that. 

Step 5: Send the email and immediately call customer service to let them know you requested a support letter's customer service number is +1 212-548-3599. Press 1 to be connected to customer service and make sure to have both the Property ID number and reservation number on hand {LINK}.

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